USoft controls from jQuery: Render()

  • 5 August 2022
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This article covers Render() as a way of adding functionality to USoft UI controls. This is part of the UI Library.

The UI Library is a mixed bag of Javascript extensions for programming UI controls in USoft web pages. Do not confuse with the structured UDB object model for data exchange between USoft web pages and a Rules Engine.

 Once the HTML for a control has been created, you can add functionality to the control, such as adding event handlers and  instantiating child controls, etc.

For this purpose, each control exposes a Render() function.


, propsChild
, master

$target refers to a jQuery container that contains the element that is the parent for the control to create. propsChild contains additional property settings that are adduced by the parent control. master refers to the control definition of the master.

The Render() function must return a jQuery object containing the newly created control.

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