UDB udb object

  • 21 July 2022
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This article is about the udb object in the UDB object model. This model is for data exchange between USoft web UIs and Rules Engines.

This model is built around the udb, DataSourceMetaContainer, DataSourceContainer, Rowset, Rows, ColsMeta, and Cols object types. See also UDB events.

The udb object is the top-level object of the UDB library, a library of JavaScript extensions for customising web pages built in USoft Web Designer. This library is an extension of jQuery. The runtime implementation of the UDB layer is in a file named "usoft.db.js".

The udb object provides a global entrypoint for programming against Web Designer solutions. This object is accessed for resources (functions, properties) that are independent of specific data sources. It may be referred to by:


This establishes the library as a jQuery-like plug-in, since the $ sign identifies the jQuery library and offers access to it.

In addition to the functions listed specifically for the udb object, the object equally exposes all the functions listed for the udbMeta object



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