Simplification of module delivery in USoft 10.0.1H

  • 13 June 2022
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Simplification of module delivery in USoft 10.0.1H


USoft is pleased to announce the latest release of our low-code development platform.

Especially in the area of deploying a new release of software created with the USoft platform, improvements have been made.

The key component of the development platform for deployment is the Delivery Manager (UDeliver), 

Module delivery in Delivery Manager has been simplified and completely redesigned.

You can now release a module in its own development environment using its own UDeliver instance, and then call the new "Release modules" routine for the main application (the consumer application) if you want to combine copies of module deliverables with the main application deliverables.

As an alternative approach, from any UDeliver instance, you can now also release multiple user applications developed in a different database account than where the UDeliver instance runs.

Registered members of the USoft Customer Platform can find further details in the release notes:  USoft 10.0.1H release notes

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