Installing a USoft Rules Service

  • 16 March 2021
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A USoft Rules Service is an API for all browser-based (= non-client/server) calls to a USoft application. These are calls to:

  • USoft-defined web page UI in a USoft Web Application.
  • Web services provided by a USoft application.
  • Services offered by a USoft Services Platform.

A USoft Rules Service is necessary to provide these types of software in a production environment. In practice, to be able to test and debug such software, you equally need the Rules Service in the development environment.

Once it it installed, a USoft Rules Service is listed in the Services console of the Control Panel (Administrative Tools).

Before you install a USoft Rules Service, you must determine which port number it is to use. This must be a port number that is not already in use. It is possible that you need multiple Rules Services on the same machine (the same Rules Server).

Below is a quick summary of the steps required to install a USoft Rules Service. For details, visit and search for "Rules Service". These details are also included in the USoft Definer help topics.

Quick summary: to install a USoft Rules Service:

1. Open the USoft Binder file that gives access to the USoft application.

2. Using Item, New, create a Rules Service item.

3. Right-click on the new item, (optionally) change the default Service Name, specify the Port Number, and click the Install button.

4. Press the Start button, then press the Configure button.

A sequence of browser-based configuration dialogs appears.

5. Go through the wizard, using explanations provided for each field. Continue until you have pressed the Run button.

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