RSS feed

  • 6 May 2021

Slightly off-topic, perhaps, but… any chance of an RSS feed for the forum?

Hi Marc,

Under the community menu item, there is a option active since last visit. 

This might help you!




Yes, I know, but I’m lazy :wink:  and like to have all things pushed to me in my RSS reader...

I will look into it and see what is possible!

Keep you posted!

Hi Marc,


The URL for the RSS feed is: 

RSS feed:

Can you let me know if this is working?

Yes, that works :grinning: , thanks!

Strangely, though, it does not show topics in the ‘Ideas’ section - I’ve tried variations of the URL, but alas… Is there a separate feed for Ideas?

Hi Marc

RSS feed does not include ideas or product updates. However, you can subscribe to receive email updates for these channels as a work around