USoft 10 "MSOLEDBSQL driver not found, fallback to SQLNCLI11" warning

  • 3 August 2021
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After the upgrade from USoft 9.1 to USoft 10, we get this warning message (several times) whenever we start a component (Definer, Application, etc.):

MSOLEDBSQL driver not found, fallback to SQLNCLI11

HResult of 1 returned

This did not happen with USoft 9.1 using the same SQL Server 2016 database.

Anyone know what the cause might be?


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2 replies

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This is a functionality that has changed in USoft 10. USoft 9.1 was using the SQLNCLI11, USoft 10 uses the preferred MSOLEDBSQL. When connecting via MSOLEDBSQL fails USoft 10 falls back on SQLNCLI11 and informs the user about it. More information on SQLNCLI11 and MSOLEDBSQL can be read here:

It is possible that MSOLEDBSQL is not installed on the computer. In that case read the following article:

That was easy, thanks :grinning: !