In USoft 9.1, when working with modules and trying to update or populate tables of the main application via the authorizer, an 'Invalid object name' RDBMS error is shown, why? 

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The error could be a result of USoft not being able to locate the module flat files. If modules are used as part of your application, then you need to make sure that the conceptual flat file (.con) of the module is locatable. More detailed information about how exactly USoft attempts to find application flatfiles is now available at:


A quick test to see if the module flat file cannot be located is to put the module flat files in the APP directory of the USoft installation and try to populate/update the tables again via the Authorizer of the main application. If this resolves the error, then this means the flat files cannot be found in the fileSearchPath or HomeDir as indicated in the above documentation.


Note that in USoft 10 Authorizer, the update/populate buttons are replaced with a single button Fill Authorizer Tables. The Update option is still accessible via the Authorizer "Tools" menu. If module flat files are missing, then this will also be indicated when trying to Fill the authorizer tables by displaying an error message:


Conceptual definition file “<your flat file name>.con” not found (installation folder: “<your installation folder>” 

Connection to repository “<your flat file name>.con” rejected. 


More information about modules and flat files

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