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  • 21 January 2021
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USoft Academy is courseware for learning how to work with the USoft platform. Different subjects are offered at different levels, as below. For each subject, USoft Academy offers tutorials, slide decks and hands-on exercises that you can try out against sandbox software that you can install, run, and develop further.

In addition, extensive and freely accessible product information curated by the USoft R&D team is published in the Knowledge Base section of Community.

If you complete a subject in a classroom situation, you are issued with an attendance certificate that is an indication of your knowledge and skills.

USoft is also preparing an online e-learning environment where you can study online whilst being regularly supported by live teachers.

Who for?

USoft Academy primarily educates developers who want to learn how to manufacture USoft applications.

In addition, USoft is preparing a short USoft Fundamentals module. This is a suitable introduction for all those involved in a USoft project, including developers, project managers, partners, and business analysts.

What level?

To get ahead with USoft Academy as a developer, you need know SQL. You also need to be able to design relational data models. In many areas, you also need XML and XSLT 1.0.

USoft provides refresher/introductory courses for these 3 subjects. Take these courses if you find you do not have all the prerequisites.

The USoft platform is a low-code environment. No specific coding knowledge is required other than SQL.

Where to start?

This question is very easy to answer. USoft has a 5-day Developer Essentials course that is suitable for any developer who is new to USoft.

You can take this as a 5-day classroom course, but it is often more suitable to spread the learning effort over a number of weeks, using small blocks in your agenda when you come back to the material.

With the upcoming e-learning environment it will be even easier to choose your own pace.

Once you have completed the Developer Essentials course, a number of advanced courses are available in specialised areas. Whether you need these advanced courses and how you select them, depends on your role and your personal interests.

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