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  • 21 January 2021
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USoft is promoting formal qualification in its technology and has started a number of initiatives that will be refined in the short term. This article outlines what is available at the present time.


USoft issues attendance certificates to individuals who have successfully completed a subject either in an on-premise or online classroom situation or in an arranged coaching situation.


USoft is preparing for formal qualification of individuals in all subjects. Qualification will be by USoft Academy subject.

  • Each subject corresponds with a section of Knowledge Base content published in the community site you are now visiting.
  • Each subject corresponds with courseware containing slide deck, exercises that students can complete hands-on in an application they can install, and solution descriptions.

Students will be able to take a qualification as a separate step after classroom training.

Students will also be able to take a qualification after self-study or training-on-the-job, that is, without necessarily going through arranged classroom training or arranged coaching. For these situations, qualification criteria will be made available as a formal description (PDF) for all subjects.


USoft is preparing for handing out badges to individuals that allow others to identify this person's knowledge and skills. Three badges are on the roadmap:

Badge Handed out to
Community Member Individuals who represent a client or partner recognised by USoft, have access to USoft techology, and have access to the Knowledge Base on USoft Community
Business Rules Specialist Business rules specialists who have qualified for the Business Rules subject and further subjects or their choice that together correspond to at least 4 days of training.
Developer Developers who have qualified for the Modeller & Rules, Task Flow, Authorisation and Collaboration subjects


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